Automatically underlay or overlay PDF Forms when printing the PDF file.
Also suitable for PDF/A with PDF/A stationery.

Information: WIKI | PDFBlog | YouTube

ALTERNATIVE: iPaper PDF Print offers a multitude of additional functions beyond the functionality of individual plugins and combines a multitude of plugins (overlay, merge, mail, sign, ...) in a single easy-to-use application.


Functions at a glance

1. and subsequent pages

In the “unique” (Loop turned off) application with a 2-page PDF Forumlar is the 1. page used once and replicates the 2nd page on the following pages.

2-page form

In the “repeated” (Loop turned on) application is the 2 page form underlaid or overlaid repeatedly on the printout.


Select the PDF overlays or underlays, number of pages of the form to be used (all pages, first page … x pages)